Portable Vegetables Leaf Woody Herbs Stripper

  • $20.07

Vegetables Leaf Stripper 

Do you like herbs and greeny vegetables but hate preparing them for Dinner? This Vegetable Leaf Stripper is perfect for you! Stripping leaves off your herbs’ stems is no longer a chore.

No more wasting away time from trying to strip with your bare hands or cutting down with a knife. This tool will help you to do it effortlessly and faster than ever! Simply insert the stem into one of the holes (root side first) and pull the herb through. It's THAT easy!

This leaf-shaped gadget works well with woody herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and is perfect for making kale chips and other healthy snacks. Get yours today so you can cut down your herbs and your time in the kitchen.

Bring your salads and salad dressings to the next level!

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