• Smart App and Home Body Composition Scale
  • Smart App and Home Body Composition Scale

Smart App and Home Body Composition Scale

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Xiaomi Body Composition Scale 2 - Smart App and Home Body Composition Scale

What Is a Smart Scale?

The bathroom is probably the first room you think of when it comes to health, and the last room you think of when it comes to technology. But as health and fitness become increasingly connected, it makes sense that more and more smart home devices are popping up in the bathroom, starting with the humble scale. Yes, some smart bathroom scales can tweet your weight (with your permission, of course), but that isn't really what makes them smart. The main reason to pick up a smart scale is that it can give you a clear picture of your health and fitness without making you do a lot of work.

Track Stats Automatically

Unsurprisingly, the best smart bathroom scales are compatible with the best fitness trackers. When you pair a Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-connected scale with a fitness tracker, you typically use just one app to see data from both devices. 

All you need are:

4 pcs AAA Battery is not included Need at least 5KG to start mi body fat scale 2


1. G-shaped sensor, 50g change can be detected. 2. Highly accurate BIA chip for easy understanding of body fat percentage. 3. 13 Body data to fully know the health of body 4. Balance ability test 5.Three weight unit: Jin(0.5kg), Kilogram and Pound for easy reading. 6.Weighing Scale From 0.1KG to 150KG

Product Showcase

G shaped transducer High BIA definition chip 13 body data Balance test

Fat ≠ Weight

Even two person at the same weight, if first one's fat volume is 3 times of the second one, we would say the first one is fatter than second one.

More Accurate Measurement

Using G Shaped Manganese Steel Sensor, can weigh a difference even at just 50g

Know Your Body Comprehensively

High-precision BIA fat-measuring chip, one weighing can know 13 body data such as body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat grade, basal metabolism, etc., to fully understand the health of the body.

Weigh People or Goods

Xiaomi body fat scale 2 can realize the intelligent switching of dynamic and static weighing modes, supports to weigh anything more than 100g. In addition to weighing in dynamic mode, you can also measure the weight of vegetables, fruits, parcels and other items in static mode.

Body Balance Test

Bluetooth 5.0, Power Saving

The batteries life can reach up to 12 months

Support 16 person data record Visitor mode,leaving no trace

Support Mi Fit App