PETKIT Slow Feeding Smartbowl Weighing Pet Food Bowl

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PETKIT Slow Feeding Smartbowl Weighing Pet Food Bowl 

Many pet owners experience problems managing their furry friend’s feeds. The PETKIT Smart Bowl was created to solve this issue by including a digital scale directly in the bowl. This way you can add the food directly into the bowl and weigh it, without having to use multiple tools. The scale can weigh a range from 1g to 2000g and it holds up to 1700ml. The bowl size is 18cm x 18cm x 6cm.  The weight of the food is shown on a 4-digit LCD display. It is the ideal tool to easily keep your pets healthy and in shape without stress.

The Smart Bowl can be washed with warm water and dish soap. The scale works with 2x AAA batteries (that are not included in the package)

Product Description:
1. 100% brand new and high quality. (Petkit brand cooperates with our DogLemi company, Committed to creating high-end smart pet products)
2. Material: SCIENCE antibacterial materials BioCleanAct(USA FDA & Korea FDA Certified)
3. Color:  White, Mondrian, Milk Cow, Color Ball,Red Dot
4. Size: 18cm*18cm*6cm
5. Battery: Use  2*AAA (Not included)
6. Weight: 465g(not include packaging)
7. Capacity: 1700ml
8. Display screen: 4-Digit LCD display
9. Weighing measuring range: 1g - 2000g

1. To prevent diarrhea in pets
2. Reasonable feeding
3. Weight control, to ensure pets health
4. Waterproof ,it can be washed in water

You also can download the APP “PETKIT” for more scientific and healthy feeding solutions. It needs you fill in the dog's age, weight, dog breed and food brand, then you can get a tailor-made daily feed method, to help your dog's meal become more and more scientific and healthy.

Package Include:
    1* Pet Smart Digital Feeding Bowl 

When first time used:
1. Keep the four corners flat when using to ensure uniform force;
2. After turning on the machine and placing it flat, press the power button to clear it once, then you can pour the pet food;
3. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds to switch the weighing unit (g/lb/ml/oz);
4. When cleaning, pay attention to control the water temperature below 50 °C;
5. Download Xiaopei APP, enter the pet basic information, and get a scientific feeding plan;
6. The device will automatically shut down when the weighing function is not used for a long time.

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