• Digital Infrared Thermometer Temperature Check
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer Temperature Check

Digital Infrared Thermometer Temperature Check

  • $89.99

Digital Infrared Thermometer. This is non contact.

Measure smarter: 

Modernize the way you measure surface temperatures with better aim, efficiency and versatility. 

Measure sharper: 

Get accurate results every time with the latest IR technology and laser-sharp guidance. 

Accuracy: ±1% or 1℃ 

Temperature range: -58℉~2732℉ -50℃~1500℃ 

Measure faster: 

Instantly calculate and convert temperatures with the press of a single button. 

Results in less than 500ms 

Quick unit conversion 

Measure safer: 

Measure temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points from a safe and hazard-free distance. 

Works in extreme temperatures 

Hands-free hazard-free 

Instant Temperature Measurement: 

Point, aim, and measure. With operation this simple, surface temperature measurement can be done in an instant. There's no waiting or setup required. This handy household tool also features laser visual guidance, so you'll always know you're scanning the right spot. It makes for better accuracy and easier operation. 

Safely measure extreme temperatures ranging from -58°F (-50°C) to 2732°F (1500°C) without ever needing to come in contact. Practical for both indoor and outdoor use, the HOLDPEAK HP-1500 is simple to operate and easy to store. Use the infrared temperature scanner for a high range of applications, from internal electronic components to oven temperatures. With a temperature measurement range that surpasses boiling points, the possibilities are endless. 

When you make this order, Please read this   Note  : 

Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to visit our store. Because our factory has more orders recently, the infrared thermometer HP-1500 is in production and it takes about 30 days to ship. If you don't mind the delivery date, you can make this order. If you mind that the delivery time is too long, please consider carefully.

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