Mini Body Camera Wearable Pen Security Gadget

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Mini Body Camera Wearable Pen Security Gadget
This mini body camera is one truly powerful security gadget. Never need extra cable. The USB port is integrated on the camera body,which provides you the most convenience for charging or data transferring from the computer or laptop.You can wear the personal body camera on your clothes or keep the mini camera in your pocket, on your desk, wear around your neck with lanyard for travel (lanyard is included in the box) or practically anywhere discreetly.
Easy to use: Forget about setting up work.It is ready to go out of the box. You don’t need to be a camera/video savvy. It has one button only to press record or pause. Even with no guide you would play as well.The personal body camera features 120 degree field of view and records stunning 1080p@30fps HD video with no blurry footage.The led indicator on the top can let you know each status in a clear logic ,and works with light out.
Full functioning flash drive with USB plug, you can plug body cam into your computer and easily upload the videos or just recharging. Body cameras record and store up to 8 hours of video with a 64GB micro SD CARD(Not Included) with loop recording. The police body cameras supports up to 64GB Micro SD card at maximum.(SD card is not included in the box).Date time stamping enabled on your video.
Extreme reliable Long recording time: Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 180 minutes per single batter charge.Body cameras can be quickly recharged from any PC or USB port. It can be also charged while recording.
How to utilize Mini body camera: Capture the video when you are trying to compile evidence in the event of a home break-in.This could be a nanny cam to keep a closer eye on the Nanny who watches your children.Prove your case if you are being harassed by your neighbors, co-workers or strangers. The wearable camera records your interview from either side for improving your skills. Protect your rights and job while dealing with in any sort of business
Have you ever wanted to find a gift which can be fun and useful for both working and daily life?
Have you even tried to find the security gadgets which is super simple and easy to use for any age?
Have you (respectable police man) ever wanted to find a very portable  body camera for simple record video evidence at policy patrol or special scenes?
Have you (the single ladies) ever want to have the self defense device(The wearable body camera) to protect your from being harassed?
Have you (the young student) even want to have a mini camera pen to record the very important class which might directly effect the final exam score result?
Have you (the business man) even want to have a mini camera to record the very important meeting with your partner or your competitors.
You deserve the E17 mini Body Camera!
With it, you can address all the mentioned questions.
Rather than that, you can take it in various purposes to observe everything you interested in anytime any where!

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