Reusable Cotton Swab for Cleaning Make Up

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2 Pcs Reusable Cotton Swab for Cleaning Make Up

The benefit is you will save so much on cotton swabs. This is for Ear Cleaning Cosmetic made out of Silicone. This re-usable cotton swab are Double-headed Recycling For Cleaning Makeup.

  • ✅QUALIFIED MATERIAL--This is an upgraded version, both end of swab were designed non-detachable and we are the only manufacture that produced products with this feature at this stage, the tips wouldn't popped off during using anymore, all materials were 100% safe and non-toxic, tip is super soft and flexible which is made of medical silicone. Product including: 1pc (2 in 1 pack special for Ladies).
  • ✅MULTI-PURPOSE---Silicone Swabs have a wide variety of uses, it’s good ideal for cleaning hard to reach places, removing dirty from ears inside, removing grease, another function that's designed for makeup and touch-ups and it’s an essential part of cosmetics
  • ✅INNOVATIVE DESIGN---Humanized design by 2 in 1 pack (1pc swab for removing dirty + 1pc for beauty) specially for ladies use only, make sure that all swabs would not cross-used
  • ✅INNOVATION OF GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL---It’s reported that1.5 billion cotton swabs will be used by human every day, really it’s large waste regardless existing resource or environmental, this silicone swab is reusable and very easy to clean and store, our values “Just make one cotton swab for you in your life”.


Other Information:

1. Material: Made of super soft silicone, it is very delicate and suitable for all parts of the body.

2. Function: This product can effectively remove dirt, grease, and can also correspond to the ears. Can be reused after cleaning

3. Color: Made in several different colors, very beautiful, you can choose the color you like.

4. Easy to clean: The product is made of soft silicone, as long as the water gently interacts to remove dirt, it is easy to fall off.

5. Light and portable: The product is light in weight and easy to carry. Can be put into your bag, and small size does not take up space


Product material: environmentally friendly ABS, PC, silicone

Color: black,purple, green, red,pink

Product size: 72*7*7mm

Packing box size: 97*30*15mm

Gross weight: 21g


Package Included:

cotton swab * 2