Meditation Memory Cushion Slow

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Meditation Memory Cushion Slow 

Having Hemorrhoids is literally having the pain in the a**! Sitting on a flat surface is a challenge!

One of this store is a sponge pad. One is a gel pad

Size: 45x35x7cm

Will sitting on a donut shaped cushion help sciatica

Now with this Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion, you can now have a comfortable seat.

Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion body

This cushion allows you to use in multiple places such as in the office, car seat, on the plane and even on a wheelchair. 

Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion in office
sit in the office Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion

As the shape is contoured like a donut shape, it reduces the pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, legs, and hip bones.

for multiple use

It also promotes healthy weight distribution, blood circulation, posture, and spine alignment.

How does a hemorrhoid pillow work

Besides, it also assists in the treatment of lower back pain, hemorrhoids, pressure sores, and ulcers.

texture Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion

The cover’s material is made out of Crystal Velvet/Mesh Fabric is can be easily removed for machine wash.

color Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion


  • Suitable for: Women & Men
  • Material: Polyester Fiber + Memory Foam
  • Size: 44*41*7.5cm

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