Tangle-Free Adjustable Jumping Rope

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Take your fitness and training to the next level with our Smart Jump Rope. Set your daily exercise target and the smart jump rope will alert you when you've reached a specific number of jumps, calories burned, or time spent exercising. It's like your own private coach!

A High-Intensity Jump Rope Workout Routine - Coveteur

Improve your coordination, agility and footwork, increase your speed and quickness with this 275cm (108 inches) speed jump rope.

Used since the dawn of time, the jump ropes are an indispensable accessory for any fighter. Ours features a specific no-slip grip for a great comfort and minimize the tension in your arm.


Fully Adjustable - 10 ft rope that can be quickly and easily adjusted to your desired length.
Anti-Slip - The anti-slip handles allow for an easy, comfortable grip of the jump rope.
Smooth & Fast - The ball bearing system in the handles ensures you get the smoothest and fastest rotations.
Durable & Tangle Free - The steel jump rope cable is coated with a PVC sleeve for protection and better durability. It's also 100% tangle-free.


PVC coated braided steel cables.
It can be used for adults and children.
Adjustable 9 inches of the cable length.
Suitable for boxing, MMA, aerobics and fitness training.
The rope can be adjusted the length you want according to your height.
It can burn calories and fat while exercising your muscles during jumping.
Lightweight, durable and comfortable handle makes it easy to grasp and carry.
Dual ball bearing system and slight cable can pass through the air quickly, thus increasing the speed.

Jump Rope Handle Length: 6 inch. 
Fitness Speed Rope Length: 9feet.

1. Please start slowly in avoid of injured accidentally by fast speed.
2. Please choose an open area for jump rope and be care if someone stay near you.

Material: plastic + bearing + steel wire + PVC
Color: black red (normal practice)
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, fitness body
Uses: slimming, fitness, entertainment training
Size: handle length 16 cm, wire rope length 3 cm, rope diameter 4 mm (rope length can be adjusted according to height).
Sweat, deodorant, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable.
Weight: ordinary 160 g
             Weight skip rope 330g

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